There is an objective difference between the average earnings of women and men. How does this difference arise? Is it really only due to discrimination as many militant feminists claim? Or is it related to the different interests of both genders? Let us take a look at some interesting data and facts together.


Many politicians resort to so-called “identity politics”, meaning that they do not look at people as individuals, but as members of groups. One group is then pitted against another one in some form of struggle for privileges or leadership. Western societies were able to move rapidly by…

Developers definitely belong to a group of very inteligent people, yet, they are able to stuck at thinking paradigms fighting for them no matter what. Whenever I learn something new, or I search for best practices, I find it very difficult to get objective information. Years ago, when I was considering a PHP framework to use, I read as much as possible about Laravel, Symfony and a few more. However, many of the arguments were „religion-like“ fights about who owns the ultimate truth. …

The Klondike gold rush brings a lot of interesting connections with today’s business. How to avoid failure, and how to find opportunities that no one else sees.

The Klondike region and gold

In August 1896, an American prospector George Carmack discovered gold in the Klondike region. The discovery was huge, and it attracted the first local prospectors. The flow of information was not that quick as today. The first prospectors have time for mining, building infrastructure, and especially claim the land.

The gold rush starts in San Francisco

The information about huge amounts of gold arrived in San Francisco the next year. Thousands of people left their jobs and set up for the long, dangerous journey without much clue what to expect.


Tiring journey and arrive at Klondike

For many prospectors, the journey took over one year, and only a fraction of the original crowd…

How to separate API communication parts and create a more robust front-end code with Vue.Js.

Article summary

  • Advantages of the OOP principles
  • Typical API communication of Vue components
  • How to separate concerns and make communication more robust
  • Communication flow
  • Conclusions & Discussion

OOP principles help make your code cleaner and easier to reuse

I am a big fan and promoter of the Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) principles. They have been in use for several decades, and have already proved their usefulness. Certainly, it can be a little counter-intuitive to use design patterns and some constructs. Especially at the early stage of development, it might even seem like creating way too many classes. But, bear with me, I will explain why it is worth it.

Without OOP principles, the code…

7 tips to spot code smells and write cleaner, safer code, with examples


Many programmers gain too much confidence about their code very quickly with the argument “This is how I do it.” And they feel good ignoring the risks. My approach is to follow as many objective rules and best practices as possible. Programming has been improving for decades, and there are many great proven concepts. We save ourselves a lot of time learning them before typing our first line of code. Actually, just a few basic OOP rules help us write significantly better (safer) code — Google SOLID, DRY, SoC, Patterns, and Antipatterns.

A code smell is a term describing suspicious…

In my previous article, I wrote about OOP principles for a PHP/Laravel application. It is a little bit easier to design a PHP back-end application because frameworks such as Laravel guide you to do so. However, it is a way more difficult task for the JavaScript front end.

The most important OOP principles

The most important OOP principles are SoC — Separation of Concerns and DRY — Do not Repeat Yourself. If you follow these two rules, your programming life will become much easier and your code pretier and easier for extension.

The question is, how to apply these principles…

Part 1

A Short story: How I started with Laravel

I used to spend many years with WordPress because my clients wanted a low-cost solution with the ability to update the site themselves. For small companies, that is a typical requirement.

However, as Wordpress was becoming bigger and more popular, more people were building their own plugins. The development started to be unbearable. The sites became unstable, insecure, huge, and slow.

One day, after spending hours trying to find an error in one of my sites, I said to myself: ENOUGH! I did some research about other options and I found several popular frameworks. …

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